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Maija Brianne

Tacoma Playing Card - Uncut Sheet from Blue deck

Tacoma Playing Card - Uncut Sheet from Blue deck

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This uncut sheet of the Blue deck, removed from the presses before the cards are separated, is ideal for framing.   There are 9 uncut sheets availble and will not be reprinted.  This uncut sheet features a dual-sided design: one side showcases the illustrated card faces while the other side displays the card backs. This uncut sheet is from the first/blue deck of cards and is not available for the red-deck. Images shown are a photo of the poster (size is 22” x 26.25”) 

This collectable, poker-grade deck of playing cards showcases the unique story of Tacoma, Washington, told through fifty-four original illustrations and photographs by Tacoma artists. 

This collectible uncut sheet will be rolled and mailed in a 3" poster tube.  Recommended to unpack and lay flat upon receiving item.    The uncut sheets were only availalbe at the time of printing and less than 50 were collected and distributed both as rewards for Kickstarter supporters and sold separately. 

The blue and red decks of cards were created by Maija McKnight and Amy McBride in 2012-3 under the business name of Tacoma Makes.    Overall design and layout by Chandler O'Leary. 

Additional information about the Tacoma Playing Cards and the story of their creation can be found here



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