Maija Brianne is a maker and metalsmith living and working on Vashon Island in Washington State.  With a formal education in Chinese language and Museum Studies and a career in arts administration, Maija is largely a self-taught artist and has received training through a variety of workshops, specialty craft schools, and amazing teachers and mentors.  

Maija's work investigates and celebrates the aesthetics of joy that incorporates circular shapes, bright colors, and implied movement. This joy-seeking exploration has been created in 2-D metal paintings, repeating surface design in textiles, but mostly in jewelry which has an additional (and exciting) dialogue between the artwork and the wearer.  

Curved and circular shapes, bright colors, repeating elements and perfect imperfections are all part of the intended composition to visually showcase and capture the emotion of joy. 



I took my first metals class in 2005 and have been working with metalsmithing and small scale jewelry since then. Working mostly in silver and both enamel and resin, most of work I create is one-of-a-kind or small run production items.

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Since 2020 as an extension of my jewelry and metalsmithing practice, I began painting on formed metal surfaces. Using copper sheet as a canvas, I use embossing tools to form, shape and add texture to the metal which then is painted and sealed.



Surface Design

These digital repeating patterns consist of a variety of shapes and colors that are designed in order to be a seamless repeating pattern and therefore able to be printed on fabric, wallpaper, or other items in a variety of sizes.

These digital designs are available through Spoonflower and can be printed on a variety of home goods and products.  

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Tacoma Playing Cards

Custom illustrated playing cards featuring orignal artwork by Tacoma artists.

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